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Campfire Chords 2x12" Vinyl (Orange)

Title: Campfire Chords
Format:  2x12" Vinyl (Orange)

Digital download is not included.

Side A
01)  Knocking At The Door
02)  Quitting You
03)  Years In The Making
04)  Whistleblower
Side B
05)  Michigan Left
06)  I'm Not The Sun
07)  Don't Be A Stranger
08)  A Little More
09)  Come To Light
Side C
10)  A Little Rain (A Song For Pete)
11)  Eyes On The Prize
12)  Book Club
13)  And Then Some
14)  Kiss Cam
Side D
15)  My Heart's Always Yours
16)  Hand Me Downs
17)  11:11
18)  Relentless
19)  Leather Jacket
20)  Take Me Home (Outro)

Limited edition pressing, updated to include “A Little More”.