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Morning Report Deluxe Edition 2x12" Vinyl (Blue/Orange)

Title: Morning Report Deluxe Edition
Format: 2x12" Vinyl (Blue/Orange), 180 gram
Release Date: June 18, 2017

Side A
01) Drake's Dad
02) Knocking At The Door
03) Private School
04) My Heart's Always Yours
Side B
01) Savannah
02) Passenger Seat
03) Making Due
04) Round and Round
Side C
01) Hung Up
02) Come Back Home
03) A Little Rain (A Song For Pete)
04) And Then Some
Side D
01) Hangs The Moon
02) My Heart's Always Yours (Acoustic)
03) And Then Some (Acoustic)
04) Knocking At The Door (Acoustic)

Arkells' deluxe double LP includes the #1 hit song Knocking At The Door", along with new acoustic recordings of "Knocking At The Door", "My Heart's Always Yours" and "And Then Some".